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13 April 2009
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13 April 2009, Comments: Comments Off on Showest 2009 INTRO

Hello CineTechGeeks,I have been busy over the last month going to Showest. I was there to man a stand for my company. In the spare time I had, I did my best to bring you videos covering the technical side of going DCI digital.

I donate my time to this Video Blog to help de-mistify the going digital issue.  The more it is understood, the better you will be in making your decisions.  I sincerily hope these video help.

I will be adding about 20 new videos over the next weeks or so. This includes about 2 hours of content. There videos will cover.

  • Showest Talk on VPF’s
  • Projectors makers, Sony, Christie, NEC. (Barco missed out, no spokesperson available, next time.)
  • USL kit including measuring tools, Sound processor and new closed caption technology
  • Dolby Sound Process, DCI player and 3D
  • QSC new sound processor
  • Dataport drive for DCI content distribution
  • MiT and some interesting ideas on converting a pedistal.
  • Plus much more…

Please enjoy and I welcome feedback.

James Gardiner

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