James Gardiner is the CineTechGeek, a part owner of digitAll (www.digitall.net.au) and is involved in the installation and development of DCI d-Cinema and e-Cinema projection systems. CineTechGeek is an informative video blog which will explain the details and reality of the future of Cinema.

I started CineTechGeek many years ago when I saw that the transition to digital was coming.  Like the silent film to the talkies, or B&W to color. This was a historic event in the history of Cinema.  CineTechGeek is my contribution to cinematic history. I take a detailed look into how the transition occurred and how it changed the industry. I specifically wanted to make sure the technical people, those who history usually forgets, are well represented in this historic event.

I would like to thank Youtube as without its free video services, this would not have been possible.

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer(s).

Support CineTechGeek: I welcome support by either helping in my occasional travel and accommodation or upkeep of my equipment.

Contact:  I can be contacted on “james.gardiner AT cinetechgeek.com”