Showest 2010 - 02 - dcpPlayer

12 April 2010
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12 April 2010, Comments: 0

digitAll announced a new tool called dcpPlayer at the show for those wishing to preview non-encrypted DCP’s such as Trailers and Advertisements.

dcpPlayer is a PC based DCP preview utility that allows you to view a DCP on a windows based PC.

The advantages of this tool include.

  • The ability to view a DCP without the need to wait for your DCP screen to become available to you.
  • Lets you free of the before sessions start or after session finish before you can check a DCP.
  • Reduces the need to strike a lamp to view a DCP.
  • Allow you to more simply view a DCP without having to walk into a cinema.
  • content creators making DCPs can test DCPs created with third part DCP creation software before they send the files.
  • An amazing tool for sending full bit depth video around the Internet.  Currently there is no real solution for sending more then 8bit depth colour video for preview.

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