View 3D-DCP's with dcpPlayer

15 July 2010
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15 July 2010, Comments: 0

Recently here at digitAll the company I part own released the dcpPlayer (Available now as demo and purchase at **Obvious self promotion**)       A cool feature of the dcpPlayer is the ability to view 3D content.  In this video, I do a quick demonstration of different methods available, Side by Side, Above and Below and Anaglyph for example.

dcpPlayer is a great tool for playing 3D content based on a world wide (Soon to be SMPTE) standard the DCP. Something I feel the non-cinema 3D world needs.  I have seen many hacks to get 3D going for niche applications.  Now with the DCP, creators can make 3D content and know it can be taken to any part of the world and it just works.

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