Showest 2010 - 14 - Barco Projectors

11 August 2010
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11 August 2010, Comments: 0

This year at Showest 2010, Barco released a 2 new range of Projectors.  The first series based on the 0.98 TI chip and the second on the 1.2 TI chip.  The 1.2 will be upgradable to the 4k TI chip early net year with the 0.98 to follow at a later date.

Barco has an impressive assortment of projectors giving them a very good fit to any theatre.

Some highlights of the new projectors include

  1. amazing fault tolerant rectifier solution.
  2. in depth trouble shooting system built into the projector with diagrams and instructions displayed based on diagnostics coming out of the the projector.

NOTE: This video is LATE as it could not be released until DCN was a qualified Barco Dealer. DCN ( is sponsored this video.

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