CinemaCon 2011 - 06 - Cameron, Lucas, Ketzenberg on future of Film, Part5

14 April 2011
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14 April 2011, Comments: 0
In this 1h10m video James CameronGeorge Lucas and Jeffery Katzenberg talk about the innovative production technologies they are looking at moving forward.
Much is covered.
  1. Faster frame rates
  2. 4K resolution.
  3. 3D and how it is developing/improving (And how we archive this).
  4. Post production work flows and how they are effected.
  5. new developments in the speed of rendering for CG/VFX and animated content.
  6. Production budgets and how they are effected.
  7. 3D production work flow topics by James.

And it goes on.
A must see for those in the production industry.

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