EOF-3 : New smaller cost effective projectors for digital cinema

27 November 2012
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27 November 2012, Comments: 0

In this video I cover the new smaller DCI approved digital cinema projectors.  All three manufacturers (Barco, Christie, NEC) who are licensed to produce projectors using the digital cinema class DMD’s are bringing out new projectors based on the Texas Instruments (TI) 0.69 inch DMD chip. With this reduction is size comes a reduction in price as the projectors are more likely to take advantage of commodity parts.

The Barco DP2K-10Sx and Christie Solaria One are very similar, however the NEC NC900C is a completely new way of building a digital projector and is likely aimed at a non main stream cinema exhibition market.  However, there is something for everyone and as Film comes to an end, these new product should be helpful to transition some sites having a hard time moving to digital.

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