CC13-01 Cinemacon 2013 Intro

28 April 2013
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28 April 2013, Comments: 0

Welcome to the Cinemacon 2013 series of videos. This year is a special year for cinema as it is the year we moved from film to digital projection. It is the year that digital was considered the norm, whereas film is likely not to last beyond the end of the year for many regions. The year we can drop the word “digital” from “digital cinema” as cinema is by default now digital.

It is also the year that we look past the digital transition and at the innovations that are likely to come now we can focus on other aspects of cinema exhibition.
Two sections I focused on and have many videos are:
1. Audio, new Immersive Sound audio formats are emerging with a battle to see what becomes dominant.
2. Screen test equipment, to keep your images looking as good as they should.

Plus many other evolving aspects of cinema now it is digital starting to surface.

It is an amazing time for anyone interested in the technical side of cinema exhibition. It has never been more challenging or exciting.

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