CC13-04 Global Digital Cinema Update - David Handcock - Screen Digest

28 April 2013
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28 April 2013, Comments: 0

David Handcock of Screen Digest delivers one of the more important presentations of Cinemacon 2013. With a presentation containing mainly slides of data, he shows us how the digital transition for all key regions is all but over. The only regions still on film are those less reliant on Hollywood content. Film is only needed until 2015 at the current rate but is likely to finish much sooner due the economic conditions (Fujifilm closing down film production and Kodak in chapter 11).

Paul makes it very clear that the industry in NOW digital, and the term “digital cinema” is no longer a word we should use as all cinema is now digital.

This presentation marks the transition point that is equivalent to when the industry went from silent films to the talkies. A major, once in a life time event that we are living through. An amazing effort by this industry with billions spent on converting to digital. An engineering masterpiece that we should all be proud of.

David jokes that he hopes this will be the last of his yearly (9th year) presentations on the digital transition as it is no longer required.

All I can say is thanks David, your detailed data has always been useful and insightful.

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