CC13-22 Driving Inc Admissions Through Engaging Communication Techniques - Borys Musielak

5 May 2013
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5 May 2013, Comments: 0

Driving Incremental Admissions Through Innovative, Personalized and Engaging Communication Techniques

Mark de Quervain, Managing Director, Action Marketing Works, Ltd.

Panel Members
Marieke Jonker, CEO, Amstel Filmand We Want Cinema
Borys Musielak, Founder and CEO, Filmaster
Bobby Mutraporn, Director, Independents United

This program will demonstrate how to drive significant additional attendance through using affordable new customer facing marketing tools including dynamic personalized film recommendation and crowd sourced demand systems specifically designed for the cinema. We will also show how you can encourage profitable cinema going through better use of social media and other channels while talking into account the need to talk about the best ever cinema experience and growing choice of content.

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