CC13-41 Accessibility - SPECIAL FEATURE - Intro and Overview

31 May 2013
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31 May 2013, Comments: 0

Following is a special feature on the topic of “Accessibility in Cinema” In this video/presentation I start of with an introduction on this topic going over all aspects of how accessibility is evolving in the Cinema domain. From legal issues, to exactly how it all works for a cinema owner, this is an extensive video series on this subject.

Following this presentation are over 10 videos covering:
– Legal and legislative issues.
– The different Accessibility technologies
– How the Studios are servicing this segment.
– How a cinema owner takes advantage of this segment
– Presentations of products from Accessibility vendors.
– Close up look at many of these product in action.
Finally, I reference a white paper done by Charles Flynn on the topic. A must read for those interested.

White Paper by Charles Flynn :

Link to presentation:

Transcript to follow when I have time…

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