CC13-48 Accessibility - USL - CCH-100 CCAP glasses

1 June 2013
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1 June 2013, Comments: 0

A close up look at how the Closed Captions Glasses system by USL (No Audio)
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Closed Caption Headset receiver. Glasses with captions that receives caption via Infrared energy.
Simple Installation – Plug in power, audio, and Ethernet from server
Integrated System – Single IR emitter carries both HI and VI-N audio and closed caption text
Patrons may select one of up to three caption languages delivered with the movie
No Interference – Use of infrared transmission eliminates interference from adjacent auditoriums or radio transmitters
Long-life rechargeable battery supports more than 10 hours of continuous operation
The CCS complies with DCI and SMPTE draft standards and operates with any compliant digital cinema server

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