CC13-50 Accessibility - Sony - CCAP glasses

2 June 2013
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2 June 2013, Comments: 0

A close up look at how the Closed Captions Glasses system by SONY (No Audio)
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Now there’s a groundbreaking way for people with hearing loss to enjoy movies. Introducing the Sony Entertainment Access Glasses with Audio—new technology that allows a direct line of sight to a movie screen with captioned text right on the lenses for natural and unobstructed viewing. The glasses may be comfortably worn over prescription eyewear and can be used for 3D movies with the option of a detachable polarized filter.
The closed-caption viewing uses unique Sony holographic technology, which delivers bright, clear, and easy-to-read subtitles seemingly “in the air.” The system transmits closed-caption data from any DCI-compliant media server wirelessly to the glasses’ receiver box, and can be programmed to display subtitles in a choice of six languages.
For the visually impaired, audio data can also be transmitted for listening through third-party headphones; both HI (assistive audio for the hearing-impaired) and VI-N audio (audio description for the visually-impaired) are supported.

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