AIMC13 - USL announces products CMS2200 and CMSA100

23 October 2013
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23 October 2013, Comments: 0

In this video we have an early look at some products coming out from USL (
This includes a new 3rd generation SMS (Screen Management System) the CMS2200 (See  This is the evolution of the IMB (Internal Media Block) based SMS to the full server (Disks, computer etc) installed into the projector. This is called an IMS (Internal Media Server)
The CMSA100, an IO/Automation device. This is used to send automation events into and out of a SMS device such as the CMS2200 or any other vendor SMS. It is controlled over IP-socket and appears extremely price competitive.
A very interesting product. See video for more details on this great new device.

No web links yet as they are so new..

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