CTG-Training - Best practices for downloading DCPs

25 November 2013
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25 November 2013, Comments: 1

In this videos I take you through the best practices when downloading DCPs. This includes a screen-cast demonstrating the process.

See the small presentation here

One response on “CTG-Training – Best practices for downloading DCPs

  1. Peter Maddock says:

    Great to see the CTG Training video James and look forward to more in the future. I feel a little isolated at Swanpool Cinema but your videos are always a good link to trends in the industry.
    I have been struggling with getting DCP trailers and often resort to DVD O MATIC conversions of trailers downloaded from the internet. For a small country cinema with limited broadband speed this would be a better way of getting trailers. A DCP trailer is typically about 3GB, whereas a mp4 trailer download is about 40 MB. It might only be 1280 x 720 but this is adequate for a trailer. It would be good if there was a repository of such trailers. And DCP conversion might take 30 minutes.
    Perhaps a training session on DCP conversion would be useful.

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