CC14 - 17 - Staying Ahead of Today's Global Cultural Trends - Tom LaForge / Coca-Cola

24 April 2014
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24 April 2014, Comments: 0

I little of topic for CineTechGeek but a very informative and interesting presentation. I was surprisingly attentive to this presentation, and I feel my viewers will be too.
Recommended viewing.

Presentation: Staying Ahead of Today’s Global Cultural Trends: The Importance of an Adaptable Branding and Social Media Strategy

Presented By:Tom LaForge, Global Director of Human and Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company

Did you know studies have shown despite the billions of dollars companies spend on marketing and advertising, consumers wouldn’t care if 73% of all brands disappeared? One of the most commonly prescribed ways to stop brand erosion is to innovate. But finding true innovation these days is rare. Don’t become part of the 73%. This special program will focus on branding, social media and other cultural marketing trends, and is designed to help your business thrive in this most competitive of worlds.

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