CinemaCon 2014 - 19 - MasterImage 3D new Light Doubler

1 May 2014
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1 May 2014, Comments: 0

In this video I talk to Sean Lohan, Senior Vice President, MasterImage, about there newly launched 3D system. This is a similar system to the very popular RealD-XL but with a single up front cost and not the licensing deal of RealD.

I must note, at the show I saw at least 2 other similar products being launched.

It is an especially important time for products like this as:
1. 3D light levels are critical and is considered the main cause for poor 3D acceptance with consumers. Getting more light to screen is of major importance if 3D is to re-build its reputation.
2. RealD contracts are all coming up for renewal. Its time to switch to this or similar technology, or work out a better deal with RealD.

MI-HORIZON3D Product Info:

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