CinemaCon 2014 - 20 - NEC single blue laser projector (laser/phosphorus light source)

1 May 2014
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1 May 2014, Comments: 0

One of the more interesting products of CinemaCon 2014.. NEC has released a laser based, phosphorus light source, small screen projector..

While Barco and Christie have gone for Premium Large Format (PLF) screen with their 6P laser projector, NEC has attached the problem for the other direction. Focusing on the small screen.

This is a very interesting product as it takes the long life laser (as a lamp) quality and brings it to the small screen market. This could be a very popular product to utilise in your numerous smaller screens. (As typically a cinema has a high number of smaller rated screens and a lower number of PLF screens)

The product is available for order now, however, do take care at crunching the numbers. Even at the show NEC as not totally clear on the consumables. The laser and phosphorus surface do have a life span, all be it in years and not hours as with a xenon lamp)

Even if the numbers of xenon to Laser/phosphorus are similar, you cannot over look that it would require far less service and maintenance (Don;t change a lamp for 5 years, has VERY low heat output, less aircon, cheaper to install, etc)

Its an interesting product. I expect Barco and Christie to follow this technology quickly.

See press release:

Product brochure:

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