NAB 2014 - 12 - IMF3 - Generating Master Packages from IMF - Arjun Ramamurthy

27 May 2014
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27 May 2014, Comments: 0

SMPTE: Innovating Interoperability from Digital Cinema to Interoperable Mastering Format

Date: Saturday, April 5
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Education Program:

Technology Summit on Cinema


Digital Cinema was a new class of standards that was initiated in 1999. It went through four major cycles – initial problem description, DCI evolution of detail requirements, SMPTE standardization, and deployment. Here we are 14 years after the start and the industry is still not using the SMPTE standardized files.

Along comes IMF – Interoperable Mastering Format – another new class of standards somewhat based on parts of the Digital Cinema Standards. The evolution of this standard is being deployed now, using the actual SMPTE standards documents. What can we learn from the two developments? How can we apply the emergence of IMF to future business interoperability needs?

Content owners will discuss their current IMF implementation strategies, what drove them to IMF in the first place and what still needs to be done from a standards point of view.


Howard Lukk

Howard Lukk , VP, Production Technology
The Walt Disney Studios
Annie Chang

Annie Chang , VP, Post-Production Technology
The Walt Disney Studios
Arjun Ramamurthy

Arjun Ramamurthy , VP, Technology
Twentieth Century Fox
Bill Baggelaar

Bill Baggelaar , SVP Technology
Sony Pictures

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