NAB 2014 - 31 - Looking Forward - Panel - Q5, Content Marking Issues

13 June 2014
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13 June 2014, Comments: 0

Looking Forward: Turning to the Near Term

Date: Sunday, April 6
3:15 pm – 4:00 pm


The transformation to the digital projection booth appears to be complete, but many subtle issues remain unresolved and solutions are stubbornly out of reach. Given the enormous expense already laid out, how will operators move to up-to-date features without breaking their budgets or risking days of revenue on a failed upgrade? And where is the ubiquitous automation that is supposed to remove the complexity of getting a motion picture on-screen? While these issues concern all exhibitors, smaller operations are especially impacted because of their limited resources. The panel will discuss these topics and invite the audience to contribute to an on-going conversation about maintaining and advancing the art of digital exhibition in the post-celluloid era.


John Hurst

John Hurst , CTO
CineCert, LLC
Howard Lukk

Howard Lukk , VP, Production Technology
The Walt Disney Studios
Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell , Vice President
Technicolor, Inc.
Jim Whittlesey

Jim Whittlesey , Research and Technical Ambassador
Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA
Martin Gardiner

Martin Gardiner , Managing Director
digitAll pty ltd


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