NAB 2014 - 39 - Atomos brings 4K to Indy producers

9 August 2014
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9 August 2014, Comments: 0

4K was the theme of the show this year at NAB. At least 4K acquisition was. One of the most exciting products to bring 4K to the masses is the Atomos ShoGun ( A soon to be released in expensive hi-quality screen with built in 4K recording to ProRes and DnxHD. This is is an amazing development to coincide with amazing new small cameras such as the GH4 and A7S, both 4K, but needing an additions like this to allow them to take full advantage of the 4K capabilities.

Tests show the combination of the ShoGun and a GH4/A7S produce similar quality to cameras 10 times the cost.. (F55, Red-Dragon) And considering we have already come down so much in cost in this market already… this is an amazing product worth of the “VideoMaker, Product of the Show” category at NAB 2014..

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