Evolution of the Digital Projection Room, Part 1

20 December 2014
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20 December 2014, Comments: 0

Now the transition to digital is behind us, the business needs of the new digital projection room are starting to take shape. As we needed to play VHS, BetaCam, DVDs along side a film projector, in this new era of the internet with Youtube, Vimeo and file formats, the equipment needed to allow a projector to play all the common file formats or access youtube/vimeo directly is very different.

In this video I go over how I approach this issue with my clients and the tools and software I use.

Part 1: I have a general discussion on how these needs are changing. Part 2: I take a closer look at the actual hardware/software in use.

Sponsored by: Digital Cinema Network (DCN) a cinema integrator for the Victoria/Australia region. Supplying specialist integration and software development to implement your needs.

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