NAB 2015, Standards in Cinema: GoPro's contribution to SMPTE-VC5 codec

3 May 2015
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3 May 2015, Comments: 0

In this video I talk with GoPro’s David Newman, Sr. Director of Software Engineering at GoPro, about the newly SMPTE ratified VC5 codec (Based on Cineform). GoPro have contributed significantly to this so I wanted to speak to them about why they did this and what they hope will be archived by offering the core CineForm technology into a SMPTE standard..

Great conversation if your a codec Geek..

Quick Note, Like DNG file format, (Standardised uncompressed RAW container), VC5 is a lightweight RAW compressed implementation. The ONLY standard now in existence to allow this.. GREAT STUFF.
Plus it replaces the need for proprietary codecs like ProRes and DHxHD etc.


More in Cineform capabilities:

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