NAB 2015, Barco on Laser (6P and BPP) and HDR

7 May 2015
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7 May 2015, Comments: 1

In this video I discuss with Goran from Barco, the benefits of a Single head projector over a dual head projector.

We then discuss HDR and what makes a projector HDR (the contrast). We follow on with how to make such a projector and the difficulties in doing so..

Cooling and Laser longevity is then discussed while having a look at the chillers used with the Barco Laser to make it very reliable and long life.

BLUE PUMP PHOSPHOR (BPP) the new development in Laser for wide use in cinema is then discussed.. How it can be retrofit and how its likely to displace Xenon Lamps in the next few years.

One response on “NAB 2015, Barco on Laser (6P and BPP) and HDR

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