NAB 2015, Barco on Rec.2020 color space with their Laser Projector

7 May 2015
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7 May 2015, Comments: 0

In this video Goran from Barco give us some real world experience on archiving Rec.2020 color with Laser and the difficulties in doing so. Plus we also discus metameric failure (where very fine primary colors can be seen differently by different people).

We also discuss the time frame of when we as consumers are likely to see these new technologies.

Finally, we touch on were the next brightness level is likely to be for Cinema. 14fL or 48 nits is limited.. can we expect 100nits next?? (Note, Dolby Vision was later discovered to be about 106nits) This leads on the discussion of HDR and contrast.. and the likely implementation of such projectors.. Change in cinema design to archive less ambient light etc.

Very informative, Thanks Goran.

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