CinemaCon 2015, Dolby Cinema and their new HDR Laser Projector

11 May 2015
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11 May 2015, Comments: 1

One of the most exciting presentations this year at CinemaCon 2015 was the first showing of the Dolby Cinema Laser Projector to the public. (In the form of the CinemaCon attendees). It was a memorable event as viewers “gasped” when they were show the different in contrast/black level that this new projection technology is capable of (Ie quality of image). Unlike HFR (High Frame Rate) shows a few years before, to mixed reviews, HDR (High Dynamic Range) was a big hit with those who saw it.

In this video I talk with Stuart Bowling of Dolby and ask.. When will the rest of the world be able to see this amazing image?

Obviously I also ask some technical questions.. 😉

One response on “CinemaCon 2015, Dolby Cinema and their new HDR Laser Projector

  1. jeff says:

    thanks James, looking forward to this, would be nice to know are they working with sony as sony hold many of the cinemas across australia with projectors, and is it going to make any diffenece if the production is a 2K or 4K

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