CinemaCon 2015, Barco all in on Laser Projection

12 May 2015
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12 May 2015, Comments: 0

In this video Bill Beck (The Laser Guy) walks us through Barco’s laser roadmap. And it is a very complete story.. From expansion of the premium 6-Primary Laser units for the brighter end of the product range, to the more cost effective Blue Pump Phosphor Laser (BPP) coming on to complete the range by replacing all current Xenon projectors with retrofit solutions.

Barco’s Roadmap is all Laser and its all looking better and brighter with reduced power and running costs in the future.

I consider this the most important news from CinemaCon 2015 as it details that after your VPF, or after the current lifespan of your projector, you will be switching to Laser.


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