Ultra High Performance Networking in Media Production

2 October 2015
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2 October 2015, Comments: 0

We are at a pivot point for SDI infrastructure in Media Production.
10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 50Gb, 100Gb ethernet interfaces are a real and affordable infrastructure for digital media and Post Production companies.
Join Sudarshan Ramachandran, Regional Sales Manager – Mellanox (Leader in Ultra High Performance network infrastructure) and myself as we demystify this topic showing you real products with very cost effective pricing. Their limits in cabling and how to use this equipment in the typical Post production infrastructure.

Its an exciting development and very welcome in the new frontier of HDR (High Dynamic Range)

This video (25min) will give you a dense mental uploading of everything you need to know to get started in the 40Gb and up infrastructure from as little as $1500.


See Mellanox at https://www.mellanox.com/

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