CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB 2016 Introduction

6 May 2016
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6 May 2016, Comments: 0

Another big year for CinemaCon and NAB.
I am excited to introduce a plethora of videos I created while on my yearly trip the the U.S.
A number if interesting trends floated to the top..
Please watch the video for more detail..

All DLP vendors will have Laser projector, Phosphor and Primary, product available by the end of the year.. Xenon Lamps projectors expected phased out on availability in 2-3 years. Lamps expected easy to get for as long as needed.

HDR has huge, and my main focus at NAB (And a to a lesser degree CinemaCon) If you are a HDR mavin, expect some fantastic coverage. There is a lot to learn. My videos should be of great interest.

Video/SDI-over-IP, I cover how this technology is coming to the smaller production companies and what shape and form by covering those products shown at NAB.

Plus a lot more..

CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB thanks to
Kakadu Software:
Flanders Scientific:
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