CC16 David Hancock on the migration from Xenon to Laser

16 May 2016
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16 May 2016, Comments: 0

This year, every TI-DLP digital cinema projector maker has for sale or has announced for sale, Laser based light sources for smaller and PLF projectors.

Does this mean we are coming to another transition similar to film-to-digital? Now from Xenon-to-laser? What are the ramifications?

To answer these question I turned to a man that, each year at CinemaCon, is a beacon of light on what all this means, giving what I consider a must see presentation each year..

David Hancock, Senior Principal Analyst/Director, Cinema at IHS Screen Digest. A man with vast knowledge (due to looking at stats all day) who can make sense of all this.


CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB thanks to
Kakadu Software:
Flanders Scientific:
Light Illusion:

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