NAB16 Blackmagic's NEW FORM OF DISTRIBUTION, The Duplicator 4K

30 May 2016
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30 May 2016, Comments: 0

This was one of the more interesting products of the NAB 2016 show as it introduces a new form of media distribution. During Grant Petty presentation, you could see he was very involved in this product and its potential to change the way many of us obtain media in the future..

From a Concert with a famous act to watching our children and their first time on stage, capturing those real time events and walking away with a memory has never been so accessible and potentially profitable.

In this video Simon and I discuss exactly how the product works and can be used to drive this “NEW FORM OF DISTRIBUTION”


CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB thanks to
Kakadu Software:
Flanders Scientific:
Light Illusion:

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