NAB16 FSI's Bram Desmet (P1) on New products (BoxIO and others)

5 June 2016
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5 June 2016, Comments: 0

Bram Desmet is very well known in the Post Production Finishing world as he is the man behind FSI (Flanders Scientific) a company that specialises in grade 1 finishing monitors. FSI is known for bringing high quality products to market at very cost effective prices. They are not the first to release HDR and high luminance monitors but they have a roadmap that will answer these needs when it makes sense to jump to HDR.

In the interview I cover a number of main topics.

P1 – A general overview of FSI and their new products, specifically the BoxIO and 300nit monitors.

P2 – Targeting Millennials on tablet/phone/laptop screen with current 300nit capabilities and how it is becoming a new deliverable in the new HDR world

P3 – We discuss the need for 4K as it is a requirement to HDR deliverables. We discuss the roadmap of their soon to be released 4K product line.

P4 – We finish up by talking about the newer EOTF’s, ST.2084 and HLG. What they are and when one is better then the other.. theoretically anyway. Its very early and this discussion is very informative and insightful if you want to understand ST.2084/HLG


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