NAB16, Post Production World Panel on HDR (PPWPonHDR) Intro.

7 July 2016
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7 July 2016, Comments: Comments Off on NAB16, Post Production World Panel on HDR (PPWPonHDR) Intro.

This was recorded during NAB 2016 at the last session of
Post Production World.

This Panel was on “High Dynamic Range” or HDR, the hottest topic of the NAB show this year. (2016)

The audio has been broken up into topics to make it easier to find what you’re interested in…

NAB16, Post Production World Panel on HDR (PPWPonHDR) Intro.

PPWPonHDR 02, What is HDR.

PPWPonHDR 03, Dolby on standards and their path for HDR.

PPWPonHDR 04, Cameras and the production side of HDR.

PPWPonHDR 05, Whats makes a display HDR, how many stops?

PPWPonHDR 06, Whats the difference between Wide Colour Gamet (WCG) and HDR.

PPWPonHDR 07, Why does HDR use Rec 2020 Deliverables?

PPWPonHDR 08, Telling stories with HDR. Do you need to?

PPWPonHDR 09, HDR, pushing it too hard because its new.. HDR is harder to shoot for..

PPWPonHDR 10, Shooting HDR productions changes the way we shoot. (Windowing in the grade considerations)

PPWPonHDR 11, As an editor is HDR something I have to worry about?

PPWPonHDR 12, What should I be looking for in a HDR Monitor.

PPWPonHDR 13, Dolby on Leading the way and their role with the Pulsar Monitor.

PPWPonHDR 14, Calibration, landscape changing. EOTF, key to targeting HDR.

PPWPonHDR 15, 2 Masters: Do I need two Monitors in my Grading Suite? Retime requirements.

PPWPonHDR 16, Peak luminance, blacks, QC and deliverables. Sony X300 discussion.

PPWPonHDR 17, Why 1000nits has become the HDR target for now and using quasi HDR capable displays.

PPWPonHDR 18, HDR in TV and Cinema, totally different, how do we deal with this? More trim passes?

PPWPonHDR 19, HDR does not mean the average brightness increases, you don’t have to go BRIGHT in HDR.

PPWPonHDR 20, The other elephant in the room, Automatic Brightness Limiting on HDR displays.

PPWPonHDR 21, What is the roll of MetaData in the HDR landscape. Ie Dolby vision.

PPWPonHDR 22, How is the MetaData handed of, where does it come from, whose responsibility is it?

PPWPonHDR 23, Is the viewing environment part of the standards in how vendors display HDR?

Post Production World Panel on HDR (PPWPonHDR) FULL LENGTH

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