Getting EXHIBITOR Session/Show Times Into Google Search - Part 1

11 September 2018
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Category: Advertising, cinemas, POS
11 September 2018, Comments: 0

In this video I cover all aspect of how Exhibitors/Cinemas get their Session/Show Times in Google Search and why it is so important.

In the presentation I cover:
What it looks like,
How it works.
How it is currently done,
and how new features are on the horizon.

See video:
List of Anointed contacts: (Note @ signs edited to *AT* to reduce spamming of target email addresses.)
Australia: Gracenote/Nelson Media – bernice.keen *AT*
US: Webedia – mparillo *AT*
Please contact me if you know of the company servicing your region and I will add it here.

ALSO NOTE: I have some Cinema-KIT I am no longer using for sale on ebay that may be of interest to exhibitors. a DCP2000 Doremi/Dolby DCI player and a SX-2001 GDC DCI player. Please search for them on ebay if interested.

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