CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB - Viewer feedback request

20 March 2019
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20 March 2019, Comments: Comments Off on CineTechGeek at CinemaCon and NAB – Viewer feedback request

Hi CineTechGeek fans, In this video I announce my attendance of Cinemacon and NAB 2019. I then go over many of the questions I see as being important to ask this year. Please watch and get back to me with comments to help me ask the questions that are important to you.

— List of Questions follows..

Pre-CinemaCon/ NAB Questions – topics with a technology focus

From CineTeckGeek

Conference: Cinemacon

Topic: VPF ending

  1. Now the VPF is ending in many regions, to do see any fallout (negative outcomes) from entering very long 10 year support contracts?
  2. Do you think the VPF has help or hinder innovation in the industry?
  3. Second run, and policy, ideas that come from physical film limitations, and in recent times due to VPF payments.  Now this is all gone, do you think either, policy or the idea of Second run should exist going forward? If not, how do you see that changing the industry.  If so, why?
  4. Do you think VPF entities will survive after the VPF ends?  If so, how. What will they do?
  5. Cinema kit has evolved to become very reliable.  Does paying a network support connection per screen make sense (i.e. NOC)?  Should network support be free? Should network support be opened some how. Currently being on a network ties you to a support agent.  Is that wise?
  6. Should network support be part of projector support contract? (Barco as an example does this)

Topic: EDCF’s recent presentation on Laser.

  1. Did you read the presentation?
  2. Did you learn anything from it you didn’t already know?
  3. Why do you think EDCF needed to make the presentation?
  4. Are the advantages of laser over xenon-lamp apparent?
  5. What issue if any made you wary of laser?
  6. Do you see the development of laser cause any conflicts of interest in the industry.
  7. Where do you see the main savings or most important advantages in going to laser?  Less servicing requirements? Less technical training for site staff (More ability to totally automate projection)?

Topic: Where is the next innovation:

  1. With many potential political issues, such as the VPF, nearly behind us..  Acceptance of Laser as examples. Where do you see the next big innovations in cinema based on technology?
  2. Why is there a general opinion that after going digital, the promised innovation has failed to occur?  Do you agree with this assessment? If so why?
  3. If this more a political problem than a technological one?  If political, can you see a way to navigate the politics?

Topic: Gaming

Cinema lacking in the competitive gaming market.  Gaming is bigger then cinema. However, the efforts to build a gaming audience for cinema venues does not appear to have gained any traction.

  1. Do you agree with this statement?  If so Why or why not?
  2. Do you think gaming is an area exhibition has yet to crack?  Or is the more dynamic event focus of the gaming event industry more applicable to theatre and event based businesses?  Ie not cinema but live performance industry.
  3. What is your opinion of how exhibitors should be involved in the competitive gaming event industry?

Topic: SMPTE-DCP extended CPL metadata

  1. What new automation features should we expect with the advent of SMPTE-DCP extended metadata?

Conference: NAB

Topic: HDR

  1. General investigation of the traction of HDR.  Is it becoming easier to do? Is so, what cost effective products new exist.
  2. Netflix and other streaming services focus on HDR.  How is this prograssing and how much pressure is to putting on production companies to move to HDR?
  3. The battle between proprietary (Dolby) and non-proprietary HDR (HDR10+).  Is anyone winning?
  4. What place does proprietary standard have today. What do they do for us that open standard don’t?

Topic: IP technologies and its effect on post production.

  1. Technologies like Dante have changed the Audio world.  Everything is not IP based. Why has this not happened to pictures and the SDI protocol?
  2. What’s the trend of IP based workflows and how they will effect image post production?

Topic: IMF:

  1. Update on the adoption and uses of IMF

Topic Codecs:

  1. With IMF becoming the centre of the deliverable world, how are the codecs available to us evolving to integrate with it?
  2. Blackmagic RAW has made a big splash.  Is it open to other vendors? Whats the likelyhood of BND bringing it to the standard community?
  3. Is there a patent war that is not bemefittig users happening behind closed doors?

Topic General interesting product review:

  1. If any interesting product arrive, cover them.

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