3D Glasses - Polarizing

10 February 2009
Comments: 5
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10 February 2009, Comments: 5

3D based on polarizing lenses is today’s topic. In this video I do visual demonstrations of linear and circular (As in RealD 3D system) polarizing glasses.
I discuss the need for a silver screen and do a demonstration of why you need one.

5 responses on “3D Glasses – Polarizing

  1. This is a great tutorial on what polarization is all about and how it works. Quite honestly it’s the best example I’ve seen of precisely how today’s polarization glasses work. Anybody thinking of installing a RealD or similar polarization 3D digital cinema system should be watch this first so they know a little bit more about the technology.

  2. Parent failing fast says:

    We’d demonstrated all this to the kids – but why does one of the pairs of realD glasses have to point backwards in order to block the light? There’s a moment in your video when you can see what happens if they point the same way – light through both sides. That stumped us embarrassingly fast, so how does it work?

    • jamieg says:

      I am no expert on this but form my understanding there are different layers/coatings involved in a Polarised glass.. The light needs to pass through the different coatings in a certain order. As such, the polarised glass only works correctly when light passes through it a certain way.
      I think you can double coat the glass as well so they work both directions. However as the 3D glasses are only suppose to be used in a certain way, to save costs, they are not double coated for both directions. Saves in production costs too.

      I suggest you hit google and look for information on polarised material, there are many.

      Hope that helps.

  3. toni says:

    hello, I’m new to this but wanted to buy the 3d glasses Chinese
    3d polarized as shown in your video and wanted to make a
    questions about them, would work on my computer LCD monitor? would work on my laptop? projecting 3D movies.

  4. Betty says:

    Did you find the 3D Glasses for your computer? Firtly,you need to check whether your computer can play 3D film? Secondly,you need to check the 3D Technology your computer can support, active shutter or polarized? But as far as i know, most of 3D laptop are polarized.
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    Best regards