DCI resolution and colour depth

25 February 2009
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25 February 2009, Comments: 1

This is a screen cast in which I cover DCI resolutions and colour depth. You should be interested if you are a producer aiming at a DCI cinema as your final distribution format, or a projectionist who is keen to understand what is actually going to screen when using DCI.

One response on “DCI resolution and colour depth

  1. Once again, these posts prove to be incredibly informative. Even working in digital cinema every day, one can forget some of the finer details. This episode is particularly good at demonstrating the differences in bit depths between MPEG and JPEG2K. It’s a difficult concept to grasp when you are speaking with someone, but the gradient you show in the video works quite well.

    I look forward to seeing your presentation on color space as this is another tricky subject that is difficult to explain and understand.

    Great work.