Lenses used in Cinema. Past to present (DCI).

8 March 2009
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8 March 2009, Comments: 2

Today l show you how Cinema lenses are evolving. From the simply old 35mm Prime with Turret, to the more modern lenses for DCI projectors.
I also have a special treat. An old 2perf 35mm 3D cinema lens.

2 responses on “Lenses used in Cinema. Past to present (DCI).

  1. Andrew Woods says:

    Nice work! It’s great to see all these lenses lined up side by side.
    One small correction: The “old 2perf 35mm 3D cinema lens” was not fitted with red/cyan lenses. It was fitted with linear polarising filters. It is a common misconception that the 3D movies in the 1950s were red/cyan anaglyph – but in fact 99% of them were polarised. A lens attachment isn’t required for anaglyph 3D projection.

    • jamieg says:

      Really, Did not know that. Tho the 3D lens I had in the video did have red/cyan colour plastic over each lens… It may have been in the 1%.