Showest - QSC audio solutions for Cinema

25 April 2009
Comments: 2
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25 April 2009, Comments: 2

At Showest this year QSC introduces their new Audio processor, the DCP-300.  A very impressive unit with more options and integration that I could have ever imagines for a sound system.

In brief – A Cinema Processor, Booth Monitor and Digital Crossover along with network
control and monitoring of DSP, amplifiers and speakers in one integrated package.

2 responses on “Showest – QSC audio solutions for Cinema

  1. Chris Fuhrmeister says:

    Looks Great. What sought of cost? Is this a product you guys install.

    • jamieg says:

      Yes, DCN, of which I am a connected to, can supply this type of tech. However, this blog is not specific to DCN. Many products I cover are not available from DCN. Tho I do recommend talking to DCN as we are very open and honest. The fact I do this video blog and cover all angles of this technology is a indication of this.