The RealD-XL 3D system. Better, brighter 3D.

6 July 2009
Comments: 4
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6 July 2009, Comments: 4

In this video I take a look at the RealD-XL 3D attachment for DCI-cinema digital projectors. I look at how the new XL product, an evolution of the Z-Screen system, can re-use the light discarded by the z-screen and effectively double the efficiency of the original Z-Screen system.

RealD is dominant in the 3D market.  The XL, with its supiriour light output, is likely to keep them their as it allows the use of mid-sized projectors (Cheaper cost/running) then 3D systems comeing before the XL.

4 responses on “The RealD-XL 3D system. Better, brighter 3D.

  1. Andrew Woods says:

    Nice work.
    My understanding is that: Yes, the REAL D XL system uses two Z-Screens – one for each of the views eminating from the REAL D XL Box.

  2. Dave Ladely says:

    Good demonstration, impressive increase in light with virtually no penalty other than proper set up.
    I would like to view a film with this system in Seattle, WA, but don’t know where a theater used it.

  3. Nathan says:

    Just saw Avatar 3d using the RealD 3D system. AWESOME!!!! AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that movie, and the 3D make it 10 times better!!! Had in your face action the whole movie. WOW!!! I recommend Avatar 3D to everyone. Go watch it, RealD 3D style!