Pink and Green screen & 3D content on a 2D screen

3 December 2009
Comments: 2
Category: 3D, dCinema
3 December 2009, Comments: 2

In this video I discuss the Pink and Green colours on screen and why some times we get them by mistake when going into a show.  This is the result of 3D content mixed into a 2D show.

From here we discuss how we can display content supplied in 3D, and make it work on a 2D screen.

2 responses on “Pink and Green screen & 3D content on a 2D screen

  1. James,

    What kind of D-Cinema server were you using?
    I like the fact that it can be controlled wirelessly, and play/pause commands look almost instantaneous: coming from a Kodak JMN3000, I’d be very interested in something like that for my other screens.

    • jamieg says:

      I was using a Qube, the new 2.5 release. Much better.
      We actually slave it from a generic TMS system we are writting for our VPF requirements.
      It is based on the eCinema technology we make. Just imagine the eCinema tech you can find on my business associated websites and think of it as a TMS, auto sechduler, content ingesting and control, and a full blown automation system. Our interfaces are programmed to be super fast and web page friendly. Runs nearly as well over a WAN link as local on the projection network.

      It still under heavy development but will be going into a production system in a few weeks.