The challenge for remote cinemas

20 January 2010
Comments: 6
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20 January 2010, Comments: 6

In this video I talk with Phil, the head tech at Fenwick 3 in Esperance, Western Australia. This is a very remote location with special needs and skill sets. Let Phil explain..

6 responses on “The challenge for remote cinemas

  1. Yusuf says:

    It was a entertaining video… Keep them coming.

    Do you have time to help me out with some stuff related to 3D-glasses and cinema-systems?

    It wont take long time… Just some very simple things i need help for.

    I have added my email to this comment, please send me an email, or give me yours so i can send you one 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  2. Great as always! Very interesting!
    Maybe it is time for you to get some lavalier mics, they look a lot better than the “holds-on-mic” you’ve got.

    Cheers from Netherlands

  3. Alain Lores says:

    I am a 3D & motion graphics artist looking for 3D projection solution using circular polarization. I was looking into LG CF3D 1080P which does 120hz, I do know this works with shutter glasses, but can this also work with polarized glasses? here is link to projector

    • jamieg says:

      Yes, it should probably work. Domestic equipment is not really my area. But from what I know, DLP are one of the easiest for doing single projector 3D. To tell the truth, duel projector is probably better and easier for domestic. Should work with any projectors.
      Driving a DLP at 120Hz with the right synced images through a z-sreen or similar.. Sounds difficult and expensive.
      Duel Projectors (Like what IMAX do) is always better.

  4. Alain Lores says:

    Also, pardon my rudeness. great interview. I would assume that there should be some type of insurance policy for broken hardware that ships over to Australia? That must be nerve-wrecking. Never the less great job Phil,& interview.