Showest 2010 - 11 - Intelligent Access Systems Closed Caption Tech

26 April 2010
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26 April 2010, Comments: 2

The Intelligent AccessTM wireless personal captioning system integrates smartphones, electronic eyewear and WiFi connectivity to bring captions and multiple languages to people at a variety of venues.
The current client stsem utilizes WiFi technology to deliver personal captions to an indevidual on an iPod Touch, iPhone or Windos mobile system. The user has the choice of viewing the captions on the handheld screen or optional electronic eyewear.
This approach benefits both the caption end user and the location providing the service. The end-user can recieve captions from any Intelligent Access installation on his or her own campatible mobile device, without any additional hardware purchase required.

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2 responses on “Showest 2010 – 11 – Intelligent Access Systems Closed Caption Tech

  1. Karen Lenehan says:


    I am really excited and can’t wait to use the new closed caption tech. I use the captions on the TV all the time. Would you be able to tell me which cinemas will be using them soon? Hopefully, they will be in Geelong or Melbourne, Victoria.


    • jamieg says:

      Unfortunately, I don;t think this is headed for Australia too soon. Its all taking shape in the US, and I don;t expect it to come to countries like Australia until it is finalised. Local laws are also still catching up with all this new technology, and as such, cinemas are not likely to move until they are also in place.