DCP De-constructed

14 July 2010
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14 July 2010, Comments: 1

Today we have a close look at what makes up a DCP or “Digital Cinema Package”.  I will describe the files found on the CRU Hard drives used to distribute the digital files to your cinema.

This includes describing how a DCP is self verifying.  Can contain multiple CPL’s or Composition Playlists, (Ie a playlist of video and audio essences that make up the Film)

The PKL or Package List, a file that tells us what makes up a CPL and all the checking data to make sure every byte is present and accounted for.

Finally I talk about how we have full DCP’s and partial DCP’s and explain how that all works.

One response on “DCP De-constructed

  1. Ivan says:

    Hi there James

    Very nice to see the DCP files, I always wondered how it worked.
    Your blog is one of the few i know that are still posting interesting material, and above that, ORIGINAL stuff! most of them just copy of others over and over again 🙁
    Thanks for spending your time on it, I really enjoy your videos.