Do we need 60fps

18 December 2010
Comments: 2
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18 December 2010, Comments: 2

In this video I demonstrate the advantages of shooting at faster then 24fps. (at 60fps)  It definitely has a different look.

I personally think it looks more realistic, but others have commented on it looking more VIDEOish. ie not FILMish.  Either way it is yet another example of the innovations going digital will bring us.

60fps content will defiantly bring a new dimension for action films.  In some ways, similar to 3D, but with a wider acceptance (3D simply does not work well with a large portion of the general population).

NOTE: This file is 60fps if view from itunes or via the website.  Other sites like YouTube who carry this content do not currently support the playback of more then 30fps.

2 responses on “Do we need 60fps

  1. Sanjay Kapur says:


    Saw a video of yours on youtube regarding this. I wish to convert 24fps video to 60fps either in real time or slowly, software or hardware. Basically I think 24fps is a relic and want to play dvd and blue ray at 60 to 72 fps frame interpolated on my tv. I have a set that has interpolation built in however my crt projector of couse has not got this capability. Do you know of any solutions ?

    • jamieg says:

      It is not worth converting from 24 to 60fps. You need to go with the lowest common denominator in frame rate. if you shot at 24, best to simply keep it at 24.
      If you want a 60fps result, you need to shoot in 60fps. You can convert down to 24 easy. You are taking a lot of data and converting it down. 24-60 means you creating a lot of data out of nothing, guessing what it should be., This tends not to work well. It is not impossible, but, its not cheap to do well. It would take a lot of hand tweaking etc. Its not something you can simply point at a finished video. It just does not work that way.