3D Quality on Silver Screens

13 March 2012
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13 March 2012, Comments: 2

In today’s video we discuss the quality of 3D projection and the use of high gain silver screens.

Recently France has proposed abandoning 3D systems based on Silver screens due to quality issues.

See this post on Cellulod Junkie for more details.

In the video I quickly cover in layman’s terms screen Gain and how it can effect the quality of the projected image when using high gain screens. This has a big impact on silver screens needed for polerized based 3D  systems such as RealD and MasterImage.

Thanks for Harkness Screens for the use of some slides from their website.

2 responses on “3D Quality on Silver Screens

  1. Tom says:

    Note that the gain of a perfect mirror is not infinity: the gain of a mirror depends on where you and the light source are … strange he

    A mirror is not the ultimate case of high gain, since the image is not in focus on the mirror. You see the original image (in case of DC that would be the DMDs)

    • jamieg says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes, I know I was talking a little poetic license on that but it was to get the idea across.
      Thanks for giving it some more clarity on that statement.