Digital Screen Brightness in Cinemas

10 April 2012
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10 April 2012, Comments: 2

In this video I cover the standards for screen brightness for 2D and 3D on digital cinema screens. I then cover how the eye works and why the lower light levels for 3D are such a big issue when it comes to light levels.

I specifically go over how our eyes have rods and cones that pick up light differently (photopic, mesopic, scotopic vision). And why this effects the colors on screen for 3D at the light levels we can currently archive in cinemas.

This leads us to the issue of why it is very important to project 3D movies at the designed brightness level.

2 responses on “Digital Screen Brightness in Cinemas

  1. Very interested lesson . tks

  2. Tom Schouten says:

    Thanks James.
    Good food for though as we get ready to move into the digital era.
    The explanation of rods and cones is very helpful.