A Digital Projector is not a Toaster

4 March 2013
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4 March 2013, Comments: 2

Going digital has its down side. In this video I discuss one of the more important issues that will effect the smaller independent exhibitor.
Digital Projectors are not easy to service..  They have a secure media block which only trained service engineers can touch.   Gone are the days of a independent doing his own servicing.
I will cover some aspects on how you can approach these issues and the best way to keep costs under control.

2 responses on “A Digital Projector is not a Toaster

  1. Tom says:

    Your comment on the cost of transport/travel for remote locations is valid… luckily solutions have been developed!

  2. Tom says:

    … and I couldn’t agree more on the value of exhibitors understanding their own equipment. Enter CineCare Web Lite: the only open remote service tool that is also aimed at exhibitors!
    PS: it works without VPN; so no need to master that 😉