Security in a Digital Cinema Projector

3 April 2013
Comments: 2
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3 April 2013, Comments: 2

In this video I take you through a typical service call on a Digital Cinema Projector.

In this example I have to swap out the Cinema-Board, the main security board in the projector.

I take you through a general over view of what is needed and why you need to be a certified engineer to do engineering tasks on a digital projector.

2 responses on “Security in a Digital Cinema Projector

  1. Robert Philpot says:

    FYI Last worked as Chief on Kalee Magnarc with carbons, optical sound and huge glowing rectifier bottles, so slightly out of date! Just wondered what the security was all about. Yes I understand why you would not want a film copied but why is the projector part so important? Surely the “film” is stored on a disc or a card or whatever. Perhaps I am too old to understand! 😉 Thanks though, most interesting.

    • jamieg says:

      Yes Robert,
      The projector is only one side of the security. The player and media files also have very involved security technologies around them too.. On the Projector side, its all about protecting the uncompressed, un-encrypted image stream going into the projector… Like any display device, it needs to be feed by an uncompressed, unprotected signal to display it. Its is a major vector for pirates to RIP of a copyable signal.. So.. the projector has a lot of security to stop this.