A look inside a Digital Cinema Projector

4 April 2013
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4 April 2013, Comments: 1

In this video I go over how a cinema class digital projector works. Showing you the light engine, light path, and many other aspects of what’s going on in these big black boxes..

One response on “A look inside a Digital Cinema Projector

  1. Very interesting for someone whose time in the industry was in the “Carbon Arc/Xenon” period. I have a home cinema with DLP projector but the digital hunks in commercial cinemas were something of a mystery and this nutshell is informative and revealing. With mechanical film projectors, it’s not difficult to see what almost every component does but with digital technology, the projector’s inner working is no more evident than that of a brain. Although it’s impossible to see what is happening, it’s good to know the sequence of the light transmission and the basic assemblage of parts.
    Much appreciated.